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365 Things To Do In Costa Mesa – Margarita Mondays – Day 294

Margarita Mondays

As if Costa Mesans didn’t have enough reasons to love Mi Casa Restaurant, now there’s another reason – drum roll please… Margarita Mondays are here!


The launch of this fun event is on Monday May 2, 2011.  Why not take part in history?

What to expect:

Their “famous award winning” handcrafted EL Jimador margarita is only $4 HOUSE and $5 CADILLAC from 3pm – Close on Mondays. Make sure to admire the bar makeover-it’s pretty awesome!

(Secret time: Mi Casa margaritas are made with a “secret margarita mix” consisting of simple, fresh ingredients with one-of-a kind taste that locals have grown to love since 1972.)

What do you love MOST about Mi Casa? Please comment below.

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